How to Utilise Medium to Make Money and Drive Traffic as a Blogger

Solomon Eseme
5 min readJan 12, 2021

Medium is a two side coin platform for bloggers but the good news is that both sides of the coin are good and profitable to bloggers if you learn the secret of it.

How to Utilize Medium to Make Money and Drive Traffic as a Blogger

I am going to show you exactly how I utilize Medium to gain significant traffic to my blog and how I also turn Medium into a passive income using that same article.

I will narrate a simple story of how I started writing in Medium and how that has helped rank my newly created blog.

So on August 11th, 2017, I dropped my first story on Medium and it went viral, I know you’re curious to see what the story was about, I will show you.

Did I say it went Viral? :) Up till today, that story has 50 views and 50 reads. It never receives any traction since then.

But here is the thing:

That story opens a lot of new opportunities for me, It was the beginning of my Writing journey.

After having that amount of Views and Reads in a story, I discovered I could get more people to read my story if I can only write more.

I held on to that thought and never looked back.

I have written many great and trending stories for Medium ever since then without having the thought that I will own my own blog someday.

Now my blog is here, what do I do to drive traffic to my blog with my old articles and still make money from my articles in Medium.

My Blogging Secrets with Medium

Canonical Links

The Canonical link update is one of the most important features of Medium for bloggers.

Canonical Link is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page.

When you write an article for your blog, you don't have to write another version for your Medium account, you can simply use Medium Imports to imports your story to Medium and share it in any publication of your choice.



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