Wow! What a year! 😔

Almost everyone I have met says that phrase:

I am not exempted, I also said it too but in a positive way because this year is my most productive year and also my most achievable year.

I call this year my Best and Worst Year Ever!

As stated in my 2019 reviews, one great skill you can achieve is the ability to track your process, to measure your success and failures along your way of executing and actualizing your career plan. …

Outline Takeaway

  • Introduction
  • What is Laravel Breeze?
  • Overview of Laravel Authentication features.
  • Installation
  • Discuss Login
  • Discuss registration
  • Discuss password reset
  • Discuss email verification
  • Discuss password confirmation
Laravel Breeze Tutorial: The Definitive Guide (2021)


Laravel 8 brought in many improvements to Laravel and a lot more packages to learn and master.

One of the most notable packages is the Laravel Breeze, a beautifully designed application start kit for Laravel 8, and it comes with the implementation of authentication and authorization.

If you’ve used Laravel Jetstream before, you will notice that it is a little overwhelming and has a stiff learning curve.

Hence, Laravel Breeze was developed to get you set…

Top 5 must-have skills for a backend developer in 2021:

In this modern world, with modern tools and technologies, it has been proven many times that backend developers no longer need to know their way through different technologies, languages, frameworks, and of course, algorithms only.

There are other top skills you need to master in addition to all your technical know-how and algorithmic thinking skills:

This article will explore the most critical technical and non-technical skills for a backend developer and why it is crucial to learn these skills in today’s ever-changing world of technologies and tools.

Recently, I wrote…

Mobile DevOps in the past has been a very difficult and tedious job to manage manually. But, with the introduction of Bitrise, mobile DevOp is as simple as pushing your source code to a version control repository.

In this article, we will work through everything you need to know about Bitrise to get started. We will explore the value proposition, describing what it is and how it functions.

Let’s get started with Bitrise:

What is Bitrise?

Bitrise is a mobile CI/CD platform as a service focusing on mobile development such as iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, etc.

The idea of Bitrise is to…

Top 5 TypeScript frameworks to learn in 2021 give an overview of the different frameworks built primarily with TypeScript as the first-class citizen.

We all know the popularity and increase in the number of NodeJS and JavaScript frameworks which are steadily on the rise daily, but do we have TypeScript specific frameworks?

Yes, we do:

Before we delve into that, let’s clear the air with TypeScript and why frameworks should make it the first-class citizen.

TypeScript is simply JavaScript with Types and has gained significant adoption and top 2 most loved language according to StackOverflow’s 2020 Developer Survey.

From the…

This is the most comprehensive tutorial on the AdonisJS framework online.


  1. Complete AdonisJS Overview
  2. AdonisJS: The Framework
  3. Building with AdonisJS
  4. Deploying AdonisJS

Complete AdonisJS Overview

In this AdonisJS tutorial, you will learn a very interesting framework in the Node.js and JavaScript ecosystem.

This AdonisJS tutorial will teach you AdonisJS 5 from scratch to an advanced level, you will learn how to build and deploy your first AdonisJS application.

What is AdonisJS?

AdonisJS is a Node.js framework that is focused on developers’ ergonomics, stability, and speed. AdonisJS is written from the ground up with a strong principle and goals in mind to be a strong integrated system.

Real-time Chat App with Vue 3 and Nodejs follows the previous article I wrote on how to build a real-time chat app with Vuejs,, and Nodejs to demonstrate everything you need to set up and create your chat application with Vuejs.

We are going to drive more insight from there to develop a more robust, secure, and advanced Real-time Chat App with Vue 3 and Nodejs.

Vue 3 is the most recent version of Vue.js …

Very excited to hear this.

Medium is a two side coin platform for bloggers but the good news is that both sides of the coin are good and profitable to bloggers if you learn the secret of it.

How to Utilize Medium to Make Money and Drive Traffic as a Blogger

I am going to show you exactly how I utilize Medium to gain significant traffic to my blog and how I also turn Medium into a passive income using that same article.

I will narrate a simple story of how I started writing in Medium and how that has helped rank my newly created blog.

So on August 11th, 2017, I dropped my first story on Medium…

Backend Developers received some amazing content in the past few days. Here, we share our favorites.

Most Favourite of them all this week

Backend Development: The Ultimate Guide 2021: Learn everything you need to learn backend development in 2021 from knowing nothing about backend development to getting your first job.

Laravel Cron: The Definitive Guide: So you wish to automate some tasks in your newly created application with Laravel, say you want to send out birthday messages, promotional emails or you simply want to optimize and back up your database with Laravel Cron periodically.

How Tweakpane can help you: In…

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